If He’s Doing These 15 Toxic Things You Should Dump Him Immediately

Often times, we end up staying in relationships, whether is it a romantic relationship, family or friends, that we really need to get out of. It could take us days, weeks, months or even years to finally walk away, and when you do, you wonder why you were in it for so long. I recently started a Twitter thread on some signs that I think are warnings, signs that you should walk away from an unhealthy relationship or friendship. I decided that it was worth sharing on here too, so here it is.

1. Walk away if……they try to threaten or guilt-trip you into sticking around.

You should never feel like you’re being forced to stay with someone. You should WANT to be there.

2. Walk away if…you always have to be there for them, but they’re never there for you.

A relationship is a two-way street. You deserve to get as much as you give.

3. Walk away if…you see anger and jealously more than compassion and love.

Everyone has negative emotions sometimes, but when that is all that exists, it is no longer healthy.

4. Walk away if…they make you feel like you’re no longer yourself.

No person should ever make you feel like your personality, or the things that make you so uniquely you, are slipping away.

5. Walk away if…they can’t let go of mistakes you’ve made. You’re only human, and none of us are perfect.

Every person is allowed to make mistakes. If you have made up for them, and the other person still cannot forgive you, then you deserve so much better.

6. Walk away if…they make you feel bad for the way you think or feel.

You are allowed to think, feel and act however you want without feeling guilty about it; no one is allowed to take that away from you.

7. Walk away if…they find a way to blame you for everything that’s gone wrong, even if you had nothing to do with it.

Misplaced frustration never ends well; not everything is your fault, nor does someone else have the right to tell you it is.

8. Walk away if…you start to put that person’s needs and desires over your own.

You are your own favorite person. As selfish as it sounds, you should come first before anyone else.

9. Walk away if…the other person has an unhealthy addiction and you know they’ll never take help from you. It’ll only drag you down as well.

People have addictions that you cannot control. Nor can you help them if they don’t want to be helped.

10. Walk away if…the only time they can open up to you and talk about their feelings is when they’re drunk or high.

A person that really trusts you and is close to you should be able to talk to you sober. A drug should should not be a pre-requisite for proper communication.

11. Walk away if…the other person has no goals or ambitions and constantly put down yours.

If you know exactly what you want to do with your life, no one should be able to stop you.

12. Walk away if…you can no longer see a HAPPY and HEALTHY future with that person.

There is absolutely no point putting in time and effort on a person who you don’t see as a part of your life in ten, five or even two years from now.

13. Walk away if…you know they’re nothing but toxic. Doesn’t matter how much you care about that person, love doesn’t fix everything.

Love is great but it is not the only component of a relationship. So much more is necessary.

14. Walk away if…there’s more screaming and crying than cuddling and saying “I love you.”

Whether it’s family, friends or a significant other, there should be an immense amount of compassion, care and love. Love isn’t the only part, but if there is none at all, then it is no longer really a relationship.

15. Walk away if…your relationship is taking such a mental/emotional/physical toll on you that you can no longer focus on anything else.

No healthy relationship should ever consume you. It should not become an addiction, it should not become the only thing that is ever on your mind.

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