5 Simple Tips To Bring Out Your Hidden Positivity

Life isn’t always full of sunshine. There are days (and maybe even weeks and months) when nothing feels like it’s going right, and there might not even be a reason for the bad mood that you can’t shake off. Here are a few things that I try to practice as often as possible to be more positive, and I’m hoping it might help you too.

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1) Set a goal for yourself every day.

It can be something as small as “drink at least 10 glasses of water” or as big as “complete the project I’ve been focusing on at work before the end of the workday,” but start each morning with an objective to work towards. Keep yourself focused and busy, and when you achieve that goal, praise yourself for it. Be proud of yourself for achieving whatever it is you set off to do – it’s a great feeling.

2) Put aside time for something you enjoy doing.

This could mean working out or reading a book or writing a poem. Each day, work some time into your schedule to relax and do something that makes you happy. I understand that many of us are extremely busy and it can feel impossible to find the time, but I promise even a half hour to do this can make you feel a lot better.

3) Give someone a compliment.

One of the things that I’ve learned is how good it can make you feel when you give a compliment or show someone some appreciation. Even if it’s something as small as saying “I love your outfit” or praising them on a work project, it makes you feel great when you’re nice to another person and chances are that you’ll brighten their day too. Just one thing though: make sure your compliment is actually genuine.

4) Make your surroundings a positive place.

I can be very messy at times, but I’ve noticed that my mood is not as positive when my house looks like a wreck. As tiring and annoying as cleaning can be, tidy up your place a little bit, play some of your favorite music and light a candle or some incense (fun fact: my favorite scent is jasmine). I can guarantee that having a clean house and not tripping over things or smelling old food that’s around will help at least a little bit.

5) Remind yourself that not everything is in your control.

This might be the hardest but also the most important tip I have for you, and it’s something that I am constantly working on myself. Sometimes, we can’t control our situations or circumstances. No matter how hard we try, we can’t change everything. But accepting this and understanding when you need to stop trying to force something is a huge step towards being positive.

Instead, think about the things that you CAN control in your life and focus on how you can use those to make yourself feel better. And if absolutely nothing is going right today – well, tomorrow is a new day.

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